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1: In addition to protecting the boat, protect the outboard motor or sterndrive and your nautical equipment. Outboards can, for example, be protected quite easily with special screw locks (similar to aluminum rims on a car). Often a chain is sufficient for a Z-drive, which prevents or makes dismantling more difficult. Unfortunately, thieves are constantly upgrading, so the security measures should be improved from time to time. Also make it more difficult to get into the boat by not only holding the tarpaulin with elastic bands. During longer breaks in the boat, we even recommend parking the boat in the garage or in a hall.

2: Have all parts, including the boat engine, registered by the waterway police.
The coding of all parts can be clearly assigned to your boat using the coding in the event of an emergency. Assignment is almost impossible without this code. Unchangeable, unique features should also be registered. Coded and registered parts as well as engines are then of no interest to thieves because they do not bring any profit.

3: Document everything with photos. Even if it doesn’t fit into the scheme, small damage or your own markings from installation can later lead to success in the police search. Your photo is the proof. It also makes the work of the police forces easier because they know what to look for.

4: Secure your trailer too. Often the boats and their trailers are stolen. This means that your boat trailer should also be secured against theft. There are box locks for this. Even if the trailer is coupled to the vehicle, it should be secured against theft. Because it only takes a few simple steps to steal it.

5: Are all hatches also secured? Equip all doors with security cylinders. Don’t forget to check all windows and hatches as well. Often the fittings in these openings are not particularly secured against burglary. The harder it is to get into the boat or small yacht, the less interesting the object becomes.

6: Ask a professional. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer or a boatyard if you are not sure whether you are protected against break-in and theft. They will be happy to help you here. Often it is only small details that prevent a break-in.

7: Report the theft immediately. As soon as you discover a theft, alert the police immediately. Any hesitation reduces the chance that the theft can be solved. Unfortunately, time works for the crooks here. Acting immediately is the recipe for success here. Have your documentation ready or submit it to the office as soon as possible.

8: Do you know your insurance contract? Make the effort to read your contract carefully. Important details are often overlooked or unfortunately forgotten when talking to the representative. Policyholders often do not even know that there are special clauses for claims settlement because they have not looked up information. Then you also have to bear the financial loss.

9: Be honest. Even if it seems tempting, you should always stick to the truth. Always state the actual damage that has occurred. Even the attempt to fraud is punishable and leads to an immediate loss of insurance. In addition, your insurance company will contact the prosecutor immediately. In addition, it could turn out to be a disadvantage when changing insurance because many insurance companies keep a “black list” in such cases.

10: Follow the advice of the water police. A few basic rules have been found to be very effective. Watch out for strangers who are on the jetty. Address these people in a friendly way, asking if they are looking for someone or if they can help them. This also includes foreign vehicles in the parking lot. If in doubt, you can write down the license plate number. Support the action with your behavior: Watchful neighbor. If you are going to be away from your boat for a longer period of time, inform your neighbors. You will then be sure to keep a close eye on your boat. Mutual vigilance also strengthens the togetherness of all berth owners and has often led to new friendships. Even if it always affects the others, at some point you could belong to the others. Prevent this case in good time.

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