unique gifts for sailors

24 unique gifts for sailors and boat owner


Looking for an original gift for a passionate sailor or boat owner? Whether practical equipment, weatherproof clothing or maritime decorations and accessories – there are numerous gifts that a sailor would be happy about. Here is a selection of our favorites …

Boat Mug

Sailing Hat

Fifty Places To Sail Before You Die Book

Three Sheets To The Wind Book

Anchor Keychain


Sail Away Keychain

Navigation Set

Sailing Gloves

Sailing Knife

Ship Puzzle

3D Ship Puzzle

From compass to cookbook: original gift ideas for sailors

Lovers of seafaring will be happy to receive unique gifts that have the theme of water and waves. From the cookbook with an exciting sailing kitchen to binoculars for trips into unknown waters: we present the most beautiful sailing gifts here.

Gift ideas for sailors that go with the tide

Sailors and active water sports enthusiasts naturally spend a lot of time on the water. So you can’t go wrong with a unique gift that helps the recipient with sailing. In addition to the classic compass, travel bags or a decorative knot board are also available, which summarize the most important knots from Schotstek to Prusik knots. A chronograph also falls under the sailor gift category, as it shows the time in detail and gives sports sailors the opportunity to stop the time.

Water sports enthusiasts who are out and about in tidal areas are happy about a tide clock that shows the time as well as the cardinal points. A high-quality sailor’s knife and other tools are also well received because they are practical and guaranteed to be useful on the high seas.

Gifts for boat lovers and humorous sailors

Compass, travel bag and tide clock: sailors who already have everything they need for a trip out to sea will be happy to receive fun gifts. How about, for example, a decorative bottle that is placed on the display case in the style of a message in a bottle? Or a t-shirt with a funny saying that only sailors understand? Fun sports pictures on antique paper or cufflinks in the shape of a sailing ship are also great gifts if you just want something funny.

Gifts for yacht owners: the culinary compass

Sailing makes you hungry. After an eventful day on the high seas, sailors and other water sports enthusiasts can look forward to a maritime meal that underscores their passion for the sea. A cookbook for sailors contains the most important recipes for conjuring up real culinary art for captains. If you don’t have the leisure, you can give away a chocolate sailing ship or other maritime gifts.

The right cookware can be given away for on the go. Here, for example, small pots or waterproof plates that can also be used with salt water are available as gifts for boat lovers. It is important that the gift matches the recipient. Sailors who enjoy day trips capture the moments at sea with a Polaroid camera. A good book is the right choice for longer excursions in the tides, because after work is done, you can comfortably browse through it in the cabin.

Simple gifts for sailors: sailors are happy about them

Simple gifts for sailors such as a mug with a sea motif or a small wooden box in a maritime look are always well received. Replicas are also a must-have for sailors. Why not put a Royal Navy telescope on the shelf or give away a card as a decorative item?

A key ring with a maritime look shows everyone: I am a sailor. Every seafarer who is proud of his or her passion is happy to receive such a gift. Alternatively, gifts of money for sailors and creative gift ideas for sailors such as a photo book with the impressive straits of the Mediterranean are recommended.

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