3 tips for shopping trips


3 tips to make shopping for a sailing trip easier

  1. The early bird catches most food & drink
    To get something from the “cake”, you should leave for the supermarket as early as possible. On this day you are most likely not the only sailors who want to stock up on food supplies for the trip. It may well happen that the supermarkets near the marina are sold out relatively early in one place or another and you only get the leftovers, e.g. B. with large water canisters or alcohol.
  2. Together instead of alone
    With a group of 9 people and a sailing trip of approx. 7 days you should plan at least 5 people in order to manage the shopping as relaxed as possible. That might sound like a lot at first, but you should keep in mind that you will most likely fill about 5-7 shopping carts. With fewer than 5 people, an organizational and logistical masterpiece would be required.
  3. How the huge purchase reaches the boat

Push the shopping cart, push the shopping cart back to the sea

Some of the supermarkets are so close to the marina that you can return your purchases directly in the car. This is definitely the easiest option – provided you have taken tip 2 into account. But don’t forget that with this alternative you have to go back to the supermarket to drop off the cart.

Free delivery to the boat – but only if you are lucky

If you have done a lot of work and have thus reached a certain minimum purchase value, you may be able to benefit from a free delivery service from the supermarket. However, this is not offered everywhere. So inform yourself beforehand or ask your skipper.

If nothing works, just call a taxi (or grab a rental car)

No, you don’t have to carry all 500 bags yourself if options 1 and 2 are excluded. Simply order a taxi that will bring your purchases back to the marina. A normal-sized taxi with 5 seats is usually enough for shopping and one person from you. If the rest of you don’t want to make the way back on foot, you should rather use a large-capacity taxi or van. You can get telephone numbers of taxi drivers on the Internet, from your skipper or in the marina.

I wish you a lot of fun with bulk shopping!

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