6 tips for relaxed cooking on board the ship


Everyone knows it, you want to eat something but not prepare anything. So that no discussions spark and nobody has to go hungry, we have the best tips and tricks for you so that cooking on board does not become a problem.

  1. Planning makes life on board easier
    Planning can be half the battle if you want to start your cruise relaxed. You could collect ideas and wishes for different dishes in the crew forum. As a crew, remember that food must be planned for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. If you have any problems, talk to your skipper – they usually know the best insider tips!
  2. As simple as possible
    A sailing holiday is not about conjuring up a five-star kitchen, but choosing simpler dishes – enough to be full and happy (if you want to pamper your crew, of course, don’t let that stop you! ). Spaghetti Bolognese, carbonara, pasta with pesto, chili con / sin carne, pizza rolls, wraps or stews are particularly popular.
  3. Kitchen teams prevent possible injustices
    Crew life does not only apply to maneuvering the boat together, but also to cooking. Everyone should stand behind the stove once and for this purpose teams are best assigned at the beginning of the trip. However, it would also be possible for teams to come together in advance and choose dishes for the respective day. This can also be particularly advantageous if a few of your fellow sailors are here for the first time and others are already well-rehearsed sailors – the cooking facilities and utensils are limited on board and are often overrated.
  4. The weather gods don’t always mean it well to you
    In almost all areas there are windy or rainy days, which can also be challenging when it comes to eating, because usually nobody wants to be below deck for long. It is therefore very important that you as the crew provide small snacks or, if possible, pre-cook them. Nature should never be underestimated, especially if you are seasick, ginger with honey and snacks are perfect. Don’t forget to drink drinks with a little sugar and plenty of water in warmer regions!
  5. Ingredients complement each other
    True to the motto “Vieeel Lieeebe”, as little food as possible should be left at the end of the trip. To do this, you as a crew could compare dishes and see which ingredients overlap. There is absolutely no point in buying hundreds of different spices if you only need a teaspoon of them.
    An example: There is a fruit salad in the morning and rice pudding with applesauce for lunch. Buy more apples and cinnamon – cinnamon also goes great with the fruit salad and if you have too many apples left over, mix them with the warm applesauce.

By the way! Often there are still spices or other food left over from the crews who were previously on your ship. Make arrangements here so as not to buy too much.

  1. Additional tip: Less dishes = more fun
    Of course, we don’t want to encourage all of you to eat straight out of the saucepan (although that would certainly look pretty funny), but in general you should also be careful to use as few dishes as possible. On the one hand there is only a limited amount on board, on the other hand it is much nicer to splash around in the water than to do the dishes in the kitchen. So think about whether the side salad doesn’t fit on the main plate or whether the dessert really needs a new spoon.

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