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Apartment? No, houseboat!


Tips for beginners for a houseboat vacation – the vacation can come.

On a houseboat holiday you can usually do without a license. Holidays on the houseboat mean peace and quiet, leisurely flowing rivers and canals, quiet lakes and the quiet bubbling of the engine.

Holidays on the houseboat mean having time: for the beauty of the landscapes on the shore, for nature outboard, for the people with whom you are traveling. Time for the country and its people, long meals on board and time for yourself. You determine the pace and program of your boating holiday. On a houseboat trip you will experience the ideal connection between culture and nature. Your boat is both a means of transportation and home: you decide when and where you want to moor. Houseboats are so easy to maneuver that you will quickly be at the helm with the serenity of an experienced skipper.

The district

For the first trip with a houseboat, a license-free route on the beautiful lakes in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg is ideal, here you can learn the first steps on the houseboat in peace and quiet after an initial briefing. To start with, you should limit yourself to the numerous small lakes and avoid the large ones. These can be visited in a later vacation after the first experience with the houseboat.

Which boat type?

In any case, a boat with an outside rudder should be chosen in order to have a good overview of the fairway and the landscape, plus a large upper deck that offers space for the whole crew.

Time planning

One week is enough for the first houseboat vacation, and this should not be scheduled with activities. Houseboat holidays mean enjoying the atmosphere on board at leisure. Sometimes less is more. If you like it somewhere, you just stay there longer – that’s the freedom of a boating holiday!

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