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Good binoculars are standard equipment for every boater. Not infrequently, however, boaters use binoculars that are only suitable to a limited extent for the sea or inland.

The predicate “waterproof” is a basic requirement, but not necessarily sufficient as the sole criterion for seafaring. It is important e.g. B. that the binoculars do not fog up due to insufficient tightness with temperature fluctuations. The magnification factor also plays a role, as well as additional functions, such as a digital compass, can be useful.

Here I introduce you to 6 different binoculars that I think are very suitable. These binoculars for boats have served me well in the past and what I have found is that you shouldn’t skimp on binoculars for boats. Once you buy a very high quality binocular, it will be safe for the next 20 years.

You can click on the pictures, this will take you directly to amazon and order the binoculars there.

Steiner Navigator 7×50
Inexpensive professional marine glass; 7x magnification; water pressure tight up to 2 meters; fog free. Weight: 1110 grams.

Minox BN 7×50 DCM
7 times magnification; digital compass; Barometer; Altimeter; Stopwatch; waterproof up to 5 meters; Weight 1250 grams. A little heavy, but feels good in the hand.

Bresser Nautic 7×50 WD / KMP
Inexpensive binoculars from Bresser. Waterproof; illuminated 360 ° compass; Reticle; Calculating scale on the lens barrel; Weight 1025 grams.

Pentax Marine 7×50
7x magnification; illuminated compass; Target markers; waterproof to 1.5 meters; Weight 975 grams.

Eschenbach regatta 8×42 B
Stylish lightweight from Eschenbach; 8x magnification; no compass; waterproof; Weight 714 grams.

Burris Optics Signature High Definition

The more expensive binoculars among the candidates; 10x magnification; no compass; waterproof; Weight 990 grams.

My personal favorite is the Eschenbach regatta 8×42 B, i have had very good experiences with these binoculars and i don’t want to miss them anymore. Compared to other binoculars that I was allowed to test from my known ones, the Eschenbach regatta 8×42 B convinced me the most. But I think that is also a matter of personal taste.

As a bonus, I would like to introduce you to a very special treat. What do you do at night when everything is dark and you would like to see what the ships are doing near you? Right, you rely on night vision! Here I have a great and even relatively cheap night vision binoculars which I can recommend to you. I think night vision devices should be on board every ship! I don’t want to do without this great night vision device from CREATIVE XP. (You can click on the picture and see it on amazon)

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