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Boat rental and insurance, I’ll show you what to look out for


A sailing trip or a boat trip are special moments that should be remembered. But what if something unexpected happens? Insurance can protect. We take a look at the topic of boat insurance and what you should know when renting or renting a boat.

The most important boat insurances

Boat insurances are taken out to protect your own boat in the event of damage, but also to protect yourself against damage to third parties that may arise through the use of the boat. In contrast to many European countries, there is no compulsory insurance for boats in Germany, but taking out a boat insurance is more than recommended.

The most important boat insurance are:

Boat insurance

The boat hull covers damage to your own boat or yacht. The subject of the insurance is the boat including the equipment necessary for using the boat, the permanently attached or built-in equipment, fittings, winches, masts, etc.

Boat liability

The boat liability insurance protects against personal injury, property damage and financial loss resulting from the possession or use of the insured boat or the insured yacht. However, unlike in many other countries, liability is not mandatory in Germany. In Italy and Spain, for example, all boat owners are required to have boat liability insurance.

Attention: As a rule, boats that are driven by a sail or motor do not come under the protection of private liability.

Skipper liability

Covers the skipper in the event of damage to third parties caused by the use of a rented or chartered motor or sailing boat (and the dinghies). The insurance cover includes Damage to other ships as well as to port or jetty facilities.

Tip: As a rule, skipper liability also covers damage to the rented boat that is caused by grossly negligent behavior on the part of the skipper and that is not covered by the hull insurance.

Deposit insurance

A deposit insurance covers the amount of the deposit if it is withheld in the event of damage to the chartered ship. Similar to renting a car, a deposit must be paid for the boat. If the boat is damaged while the boat is being rented, the renter has to pay at least part of the security deposit. Even if the boat is insured, a deductible remains open with comprehensive insurance, which will be deducted from your deposit in the event of damage.

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Which insurance for boat owners?

For boat owners, it is advisable to take out a boat insurance and a boat liability insurance. If you rent out your boat privately, you should get confirmation from your insurance company that the private rental activity is allowed.

Which insurance for boat renters?

Rented boats are usually insured. Boat renters can also secure themselves by taking out deposit or skipper’s liability insurance. This is useful if there are doubts about the insurance of the boat provider, or if the renter has to be liable for damage with his deposit.

Travel cancellation insurance can also be useful if tenants have to cancel the boat rental or charter tour due to unforeseeable events.

If you would like additional protection regardless of the insurance of the boat, we recommend that you take out deposit insurance with our partner Gritchen.

A deposit insurance covers the amount of the deposit if it is withheld in the event of damage to the chartered ship.

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The conclusion of a skipper’s liability insurance gives additional security. She steps in if the liability insurance of the chartered yacht has security gaps or does not apply, e.g. B. in the case of gross negligence.

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