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Boat sales: where to advertise?


Buyers! A kingdom for one buyer! The trick is to find the right one. This can improve your chances of success.

The greater the number of readers from the right target group, the greater the chance that the ad will reach the potential buyer. Depending on the brand, type and size, rare or special boats should also be advertised on an international level. In any case, national, regional and local, whereby a wide range of advertisements in various media improves the chances of success. In addition to Internet portals such as, advertisements or classified ads in printed form in specialist magazines, class newspapers, local and regional daily or weekly newspapers, right up to the classic notice in the harbor or winter storage, make sense. Think back too: How did you get your boat back then? This path could also lead to success again.

Internet classified ads has approximately 250,000 advertised boats in its databases that potential buyers can search. This is used by interested parties with more than 450,000 page views daily. The user-friendly and affordable platform is therefore ideal for finding international, national, regional and local readers who are looking for exactly what they want to sell. Give it a try and design your own classified ad here.

In any case, your selection should also include pages that are dedicated to special types or boat classes, because here you can reach the right target group. But not all pages are suitable for all sellers. Some have a limited number of advertisements or only allow certain types, for example for certain classes of sailboat. So before you decide, check the statistics so you can get an idea of ​​the number and origin of visitors. In the case of general advertising portals, you also need a good dose of luck in order to meet a buyer among the large number of superficially interested visitors. Be careful with online auction houses such as Auctions must be carefully observed, which can be very time-consuming, and no mistakes should be made when setting up, because this could mean that you have the boat for a few Have to give up euros or pay compensation, e.g. B. if you sold to someone else during an auction.

The biggest advantages of an advertisement on an online portal are greater reach at lower costs and easier updating. However, not every age group is reached with the modern medium. Here, too, it is important to have an informative text and, of course, appealing, well-focused and illuminated images that should show the boat in motion on a beautiful day by the water.

Advertisements in newspapers and magazines

Local newspapers can be particularly useful when addressing a target group that does not spend a lot of time on the Internet, for example an older class of readers who are more interested in boats from the local area. Readers who want to keep the transport effort and the associated costs within limits should also prefer print ads from the region.

Trade journals

With trade journals you always reach the target group, but there are longer lead times for production and the costs are usually higher than on the Internet. In the meantime, however, there are also combined offers for print and Internet ads, because magazines have to expand their online offerings in order to make up for the losses caused by the decline in classified ads. It is important to take a look at the imprint to see whether the edition of the publication has been officially checked. If not, it indicated that the circulation is very small, meaning that while the ads are cheap, they are also fairly limited in range. In the case of niche magazines that target special owner groups, this may not matter, but if as many potential buyers as possible are to be reached, it would be better to place advertisements in media with a checked circulation.

Classics, new ways, and word of mouth

When it comes to selling boats: no means are sacred and no way guarantees success. It is therefore advisable to use a combination of different media in order to achieve a meaningful distribution, whereby the costs also remain well under control. Whether it is the notice on the notice board in the harbor, clubhouse or at work, whether you use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or offer your boat at an internet auction, the next owner of your boat will probably use various sources of information, ideally from which you will find yourself also advertise. The spread via the internet is greater and also the probability of addressing rather longer and technology-savvy buyers who are often looking for the adventure with their own boat with limited resources, but who are all the more enthusiastic about restoring in the DIY process. Last but not least, good old word of mouth can also work. So let friends, colleagues, club mates and acquaintances know about your sales intentions. This is how you get the message across on your own behalf. Because despite all the technology and the associated range advantages, one simple principle still applies: You only need one buyer for your boat. Namely the right one.

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