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Boats for sale near me on craigslist – What should I watch out for?


Keep your eyes open when buying a used boat, especially on craigslist: What you should consider when buying a used motor yacht or sailing yacht.

You are looking for a used boat or a used yacht. You have already found your dream boat, the budget has been approved by your better half and the eloquent seller has made the “dream yacht” really tasty for you?

With all the anticipation, you shouldn’t just listen to your gut feeling. Unfortunately, in our many years of activity, we often had to discover that the dream of the dream ship broke again a short time later after signing the purchase contract and paying the purchase price.

Common causes were:

  • Hidden defects
  • machine damage
  • Damage to the tech. Facilities
  • Maintenance backlog
  • osmosis damage
  • Sinking and fire damage were already there
  • etc.
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My recommendation when buying a used boat

Even if you are very familiar with boats and yachts, we recommend that you consult a boat expert when buying a used boat. As a rule, you have the costs for the expert in the form of savings in the purchase price, because the latter will certainly find one or the other defect that pushes the purchase price down. In the worst or best case, it protects you from a bad investment.

Always remember that the unwinding of sales contracts can take years. In the worst case, the seller has already spent the money or can no longer be found.

And another tip:
What should be considered when buying from a private person, what about dealers or consignment goods.
A sales contract that is favorable for the seller does not have to be optimal for the buyer. Perhaps you consult a specialist lawyer for boat and yacht law beforehand.

What else needs to be considered

For the purchase of a sport boat (new or used), which was first put on the market after June 15, 1998 (EU), the following criteria must be met.

Mandatory requirements for approval on the federal waterways

The following points must be met: (Directives 94/25 / EC in conjunction with 2003/44 / EC, 2013/53 / EU)

  • EC Declaration of Conformity (in accordance with Regulation on the placing on the market of sports boats)
  • Manual with technical data of the boat
  • CE sticker with important data about the boat (payload, number of people, engine)
  • Body number with 14 digits according to EC directive (affixed to the rear in
  • Right direction of travel, e.g. DE-KKK04711A616
  • Import boats from “non-EU countries” must i. d. Usually recertified by a recognized body if there is no declaration of conformity. Problem case: Import of used US boats – responsibility with the dealer and owner

Exceptions are, for example: Boats under 2.5m or over 24m, oars and regatta boats as well as self-built (at least 5 years in the possession of the owner).

Check the offer carefully. Are the originals of all important documents and papers available? Do the serial numbers match the “papers”? (Serial no .: engine / boat / accessories, etc. – is the “history” of the item documented?)

Always make a written sales contract!

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Leaflet buying a boat

Obtain checklists for the purchase of a used boat and purchase contract samples before purchasing.

Carefully check the sports boat according to the checklist (if possible with a competent person), do not be impressed by the well-groomed exterior of the boat (problem case: osmosis, wood rot, etc.)

Compare all information in the boat documents, such as hull number (HIN / CIN), engine no., Equipment, … etc. with the purchase object. Is there a CE declaration of conformity (mandatory from 1998)?

Clarify the takeover of the “boat license plate” and the boat’s papers beforehand (authorization to the owner, no unauthorized disclosure).

Never forego an appropriate test drive (check the entire range of functions).

“Guaranteed properties” (actual operating hours, freedom from collisions, replacement units, accessories, … etc.) have to be confirmed in writing in the sales contract.

Check the boat key for completeness and have it acknowledged as “all existing keys have been handed over”.

Never give the boat and papers out of hand against a check or bill of exchange, always against payment in cash.
Name, address and ID (type, number, issuing authority, date) of the buyer belong in the sales contract – especially for foreign buyers.

Have the handover of the vehicle and papers confirmed with the date and time (!), Also: no retention of title by third parties (community of owners).

Report the sale of the boat immediately to the “registration office” (WSA / LK / Association) and the insurance company (boat trailer = road traffic office)

Risks on the Internet

When participating in internet auctions or buying via Craigslist (Boats for sale near me on craigslist), check the offer carefully and compare it with offers in local specialist shops (stolen goods / fraud?)

Try as far as possible to order the goods as “delivery on account”, as this allows the goods to be checked before payment.

If you suspect that it is a used boat from a theft, notify the nearest police station and have the process checked before buying.
Here, too, we are aware of processes from our own practice where even seasoned boat dealers have fallen for fraudsters.

And should they have had bad luck with all the attention and tests when buying a used boat, our customers are not left out in the cold, but can count on our support and the help of specialist lawyers who cooperate with us.

As specialists in boat and yacht insurance, we see our task in protecting our future customers from financial damage even before buying a boat and taking out boat insurance through our company.

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