boats in italy

boats in italy


Boating in Italy – my travelogue

Italy, where the Dolce Vita is at home. Sun, beach and sea. Pizza, pasta and good wine. Italians know how to enjoy. And to pamper us vacationers!

A whole new experience for me was boating in Italy. Sure, I’ve already sailed through the canals of Venice in a gondola. On the Grand Canal and under the Realto Bridge. Accompanied by the singing of the gondolier.

Boating areas from the Adriatic to Lake Garda

But traveling in Italy in a motorboat is a completely different feeling. Because it’s a lot faster, of course! There are many ways to drive. The Gulf of Venice along the Adriatic coast and the Gulf of Taranto, which belongs to the Ionian Sea, attract boat owners and curious tourists like me. The lakes Lago Maggiore, Lake Lugano and Lake Garda are also approved for motor boats.

I was traveling by motorboat on Lake Garda. The lake is very popular with German tourists and has a separate area for sailors in the northern part. Motorboat drivers can romp around in the southern part. The border between the two districts runs from Malcesine on the east bank to Limone on the west bank.

Over the water at 20 knots

I started together with my boat driver, Adriano, from Brenzone. Boats under the Italian flag are allowed to drive tourists up to 40 hp without a license. If the boat is registered in Germany, it can only go up to 15 hp without a license. First I let my guide do it. At first it was too uncomfortable to take the wheel.

The motorboats are allowed to sail on Lake Garda during the day at 20 knots, i.e. around 38 km / h. And as soon as we drove out of the safety zone for swimmers, which is 500 meters around the bank, my driver immediately pressed the tube. The wind blows really well!

My hair was blowing around my face, the spray drizzled down around me in fine droplets. And I couldn’t help but laugh. It was a feeling of freedom. The adrenaline shot through my veins. Just great!

An experience: taking the wheel while boating

After a while we slowed down a little. We were already out on the lake for a long way. My guide briefly explained what I should do. At first I was a little overwhelmed. But actually it wasn’t difficult and Adriano was right next to me.

There was no other boat around us. So I dared. At first tentatively and then faster. And driving yourself was even better than taking a ride! I drove curves and loops and enjoyed the tickling in my stomach.

When things got a little livelier again, Adriano took the wheel again. It is important to keep a distance of about 100 meters from ships of the line or the boats of professional fishermen. They must not be hindered in their course.

After the boat trip I was sure: I want to do that again! Then it should be a romantic trip to sunset. Or a round tour around Lake Garda with a stop in one of the small ports. I’m already looking forward to the next time boating in Italy!

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