Very useful books and DVDs on boats and their technology

I have acquired a great deal of useful knowledge by reading these books. Books about ships and boats are a great way to relax and pass the time. Just take one of these books with you on your boat, if you lie in the cabin in the evening you can pass the time with a good book about technical knowledge about boats. You can certainly learn something useful and practical from these books. Even if you have been going to sea for a long time, there are probably still things that even you don't know 😉

Boat Strength

Solar Power

Boat Wiring

Log Book

Mechanical&Electrical Manual



Electrical Handbook

Outboard Motors

Fiberglass Repair

All I wish before

Boat Owner

Boat Manual

Sailing Manual


The Boaters Guide / DVD

Creative Anchoring

Anchoring and Mooring


How Boat Things Work

Rock The Boat

Boat Electrical Systems

Boating Skills

Power Boating

Boating Manual

Navigation Rules

What To Do / DVD

Rules Of The Road / DVD

Boating Basics / DVD

Basics Of Boating / DVD

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