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I always fondly remember my yacht “ESPRESSO”. This beautiful motor yacht was painted in a great shade of brown and enchanted us all so much that we called the boat Espresso. This name fitted so well that the later buyers and owners of the yacht decided to keep this name. For us it is a pleasure and a food for thought at the same time: from now on all our yachts will have their own name. And so we are facing the same challenge as you: Which boat name is a good fit? Which not? It is not always easy to find the right name for your boat or yacht!

My small fleet currently consists of four yachts, all of whose names I have found myself. For example, we have named our BENETEAU Oceanis 46.1 ENJOY OCEAN. Why? Because this great sailing yacht feels right at home on the sea. She loves the waves and her ambitions to be sailed into the blue water by her skipper and crew emerge from every pore. How do you find the right name for your yacht?

Sometimes you have to be creative to find a name that you really like.

According to popular belief, a yacht name should be feminine. I agree, because a ship is always female. Nevertheless, you can give your boat a masculine or neuter name. For my small fleet, we have decided to use the word “ENJOY” as a reference to my passion (similar to how, for example, all ships at Maersk always have the company name).

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Where the Oceanis sailing yacht calls for the big, wide sea, we find the CRANCHI T36 Crossover the perfect family yacht. As an exciting cross between a trawler and a full glider, this boat offers exactly what families are looking for on a boating holiday: safety, fun, space and plenty of room for communication. The large salon invites you to spend mild evenings with board games or an exuberant dinner – ENJOY FAMILY seemed the most appropriate name here.

My flagship, the CRANCHI E52 F Evoluzione is making a big wave in every respect – in the most positive sense of the word. She is an absolutely fascinating boat and inspires us and our guests every time anew. There is no question that ENJOY WAVE is exactly the right name for this yacht. But what are the legal requirements for the ship’s name as the skipper? Well, every boat needs either a license / registration (especially inland areas) or a ship name. A name is mandatory for seagoing yachts. When making your selection, pay attention to simple and perhaps short names – a short name can be conveyed more quickly via radio.

In addition, the sticker should adhere well, be able to withstand salt water and also be UV-resistant. The proud name of your new yacht should look beautiful and brand new for several years. The best thing about a glued-on and unpainted name: If you do sell your yacht and the new owner wants to add his own name, the sticker can be removed quickly and cleanly with hot air.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you choose your exact name … but think for yourself which color do you like best, which city do you like best, do you have a favorite film? There are so many possibilities for a great name … 😉

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