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Have your own boat prepare a report


The assessment of a damage in full extent and amount, the determination of the current value of a boat or a yacht are almost impossible for the vast majority of water sports enthusiasts. With the help of the well-founded technical and specialist knowledge of a certified expert, it is possible to assert your interests, be it in settling a damage with the insurance, determining the reasonable sales value of your boat or that of a dream yacht. The right expert opinion enjoys a high level of acceptance and recognition in society and thus offers you great advantages in asserting your monetary interests and withstands legal disputes in the event of a dispute. As a certified expert, I will prepare the following briefly described reports on request – always according to independent, impartial and objective principles.

Damage report

Every injured party in a liability claim (term) has the right to use an independent certified expert of his choice if the ‘minor damage limit’ ($ 750) is exceeded and a lawyer of his choice! The insurance company responsible for the accident is obliged to cover the costs incurred.

The damage report that Yacht Expert Brandt creates is extensive and very valuable. It contains the description of the damage pattern and extent and the detailed repair method in prior coordination and consultation with the repair yard / repair company to be commissioned. The aim is the restoration according to the manufacturer’s specifications or the proper and professional repair. The appraiser also calculates the amount of all repair costs, researches and evaluates the replacement value (term) of the boat and examines any depreciation to be taken into account. According to the specifications of the technical photography, the report contains a meaningful photo documentation of the damaged area.

The report is created electronically and stored or saved for 10 years protected by multiple safeguards. The expert delivers the report to all beneficiaries by email in a write-protected file format. Printed damage reports can also be sent on request. The situation is different in the case of comprehensive damage (term) (no third-party fault). Here, the comprehensive insurance company itself instructs an expert to assess the damage. The aim of a comprehensive repair is in the

Usually the restoration of usability. The insurance pays the costs on the basis of the prepared report, minus the deductible agreed in the contract. The structure and content of the report will not change.


In order to reinsure a used boat or yacht with an insurance company, this often requires a valuation report to determine the insured value, usually the current value (term). This is decisive for the amount of the sum insured. If your own boat is used as a valuation object, i.e. as security for loans (mortgage lending value) or as a capital contribution (material asset) in a company, the credit bank also requires an appraisal. Not to be forgotten are valuations in asset disputes.

The appraisal plays a very important role when selling or buying. With the help of an independently prepared appraisal, the seller has a strong argument for the price he wants to achieve. A potential buyer, in turn, receives a detailed document on all strengths and weaknesses of the desired property with the report. If no appraisal is available for a boat for sale, potential buyers very often commission an expert to examine and evaluate the vehicle in detail. In this way, the prospective buyer secures himself with the purchase price and avoids any nasty surprises that may arise after the purchase with the purchased yacht. The price for an appraisal is therefore to be seen as a very sensible part of the purchase and sale price.

In terms of content, the appraisal report comprises the following components: Market analysis of the boat or yacht with market / market value, all equipment features of the yacht and its state of preservation, listing of the technical equipment and functional testing, value-adding additional equipment or special equipment, general maintenance condition of the boat, factors that reduce value such as e.g. Old damage (not repaired), high mileage of the engine, suspected osmosis etc .. The certified expert calculates the current value of the boat based on all characteristics. An extensive photo gallery completes the valuation report.

Technical report

I will prepare a comprehensive technical report for you in the event of damage to the aggregate, the determination of the cause of fire, theft, defective paintwork or functional failures of components. In a detailed documentation, I clarify specific damage relationships and illuminate the facts in detail.

Technical reports can include determinations of the cause, scope and responsibility in the event of damage to assemblies, for example in the case of engine and transmission damage. In addition to the cause of the damage, the most economical repair option, the expected repair costs and other relevant values, such as the replacement value and residual value.

Furthermore, technical reports serve to clarify / determine the cause of damage that has occurred after a conversion of vehicles, an exchange or a repair of units.

The scope of a technical report includes the extent of damage, cause of damage, responsibility, repair costs, repair options and values ​​relevant to regulation.

Preservation of evidence

If your purchased boat shows defects shortly after purchase, an examination for accidental damage should be considered. In the event of defects discovered later or even concealed previous damage due to accident, collision, etc., the question now arises as to whether the purchase price paid was still reasonable under these circumstances. First of all, you should confront the seller and strive for a subsequent agreement. If this attempt fails, unfortunately there is often only one legal action. This is usually the case if the boat or yacht has been declared accident-free (repaired previous damage) and no agreement has been reached on a partial refund of the purchase price or a professional and professional repair to be borne by the seller.

The certified expert secures evidence and creates a meaningful evidence preservation report with extensive photo evidence of the current condition of your vehicle. This report thus serves as the basis for enforcing your claims in court.

In order to be able to quantify your specific claim, you of course need a specific calculation of the resulting financial disadvantage for you, be it the cost of eliminating the deficiencies or simply a possibly remaining depreciation. All of this can be documented in an evidence preservation report by calculating and calculating the necessary rework expenses.

Before commissioning such an evidence preservation expert opinion, you should first clarify in your own interest whether the expert’s costs may be covered by your legal expenses insurance, because in the case of such expert opinions, the expert’s fee – in contrast to the damage report – is required directly and directly from you. Of course, the offer of a non-binding inspection also applies here in the event that you are not sure about your suspicion of these defects.

Plausibility report

This type of expert opinion is required if, for example, after a collision between two watercraft, different witness statements, descriptions of the events and / or damage reports are available. The certified expert has to simulate the course of the accident with the vessels involved in order to determine whether and which connection exists between causality and plausibility.

The plausibility report is requested from insurance companies before the impending dispute, in the event of a dispute from the court itself.

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