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Intex inflatable boat test: The 6 best inflatable boats from Intex


Inflatable boats from Intex are very popular in Germany and there is a large selection of different offers on the market. Intex not only manufactures inflatables, but also pools, sports equipment, air beds, whirlpools and water toys.

The company has been around for over 40 years and Intex products are sold in around 100 different countries. You may have remembered the Intex logo when you happened to admire one of the many different models in the sea on your summer vacation. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the only reason why people keep choosing this brand.

Intex inflatable boats are (like the Bestway inflatable boats) usually quite inexpensive and therefore offer the user a very reasonable price-performance ratio. By the way: Not that many providers also have quite large inflatable boats on offer. This looks different in the case of Intex, because the inflatable boat manufacturer offers boats over 4 meters long for up to 6 or more people.

If you are looking for an Intex inflatable boat, but you are not sure which one to choose, this article could help you choose.

We have selected the best inflatables from Intex and listed them below. There is also a small guide on the topic and a final conclusion. Have fun while reading!

The best Intex inflatable boats

1 place

When you see the Intex Excursion 5 for the first time, you are sure to be amazed: the boat is really huge with dimensions of 366 x 168 x 43 cm and offers space for up to 5 people. Since you don’t always get 5 people together, it will certainly happen that you use the cheap inflatable boat with fewer people.

If you were to use it all by yourself for a longer excursion, you could take a lot of provisions with you. Thanks to the maximum load of 455 kg, you could take more than 300 kg of equipment and food with you. For some, too big a risk and for others the best multi-day dinghy fishing trip ever.

Thanks to the 3 air chambers in the boat, the risk of a possible defect is slightly reduced. After all, at least two air chambers always keep the defective one afloat: At least that’s Intex’s idea. In addition to the boat, 2 aluminum paddles with a length of 122 cm are also included.

Incidentally, this is the shorter version, because most of the inflatable boat paddles supplied measure over 140 cm. If you want to retrofit later and completely forego muscle power, you can buy an outboard motor. This is quickly attached to the stern of the boat thanks to a motor mount. In order for the engine to harmonize with the size of the boat, it must not have more than 1.1 kW.

Intex advertises with other extras, such as a total of 3 inflatable seat cushions. Two of them even have inflatable backrests so that passengers at the bow and stern can sit even more comfortably. If you want to use the Intex Excursion 5 as a fishing inflatable boat, you will certainly be happy about the 4 fishing brackets on board.

A rescue rope is also stretched all around, which provides additional safety in the event of an accident. Anyone who fell into the water can simply pull themselves back into the boat on the rope and do not have to go under. On board is also a stylish accessory bag made of water-repellent material.

This is very suitable for smartphones and the like so that nothing can get wet during the trip. The color is a simple gray with a little blue in some places, so you won’t be noticed so quickly with the boat. You can see this as you will.

On the one hand it is a good camouflage, for example when you go duck hunting and on the other hand you are quite lost (or rather invisible on the high seas) if a search is necessary. The complete set is delivered in a carrying bag, which weighs exactly 24.1 kg.

As a safety precaution, Intex states that this model should only be used by children under the supervision of adults. It is also not recommended to actually go on excursion with the Excursion 5 and to disappear in the middle of the high seas. Rather, it is recommended to use it for cruising around coastal and shallow waters. In the comments, verified customers have the opportunity to say something about the respective product.

Some verified buyers write about the Excursion 5, for example, that the boat has lasted for over 4 years and looks good even with continuous regular use.

Unfortunately, not every expectation is met 100 percent, because every user also pays attention to other aspects of the respective product. In this case, some dissatisfied buyers write about this offer that the supplied paddles are of poor quality.


  • In addition to the boat, the buyer also gets a pump and an aluminum paddle.
  • Three inflatable seat cushions.
  • Safety rope.
  • With accessory bag.
  • Four fishing brackets.

2nd place

At first glance, the Intex Seahawk 4 is reminiscent of a giant crocodile or an oversized frog. The dark green color looks very good and makes every angler’s heart beat faster. The boat can not only be used for fishing, but also for many other activities.

For example, if you go on vacation, there are special rafting rivers in certain areas. With a sporty team you could definitely dare to do a little white water trip. Of course, it shouldn’t be too bumpy, as this is still a rubber dinghy and not a hard plastic canoe.

This 351 x 145 x 38 cm inflatable boat can accommodate up to 4 people at the same time and can carry a maximum of 400 kg over the water. So even if you don’t regularly go to the lake with a team of four, you can still benefit from these values.

If you are traveling as a couple or even alone, you can take whatever you want with you. This is a great way to explore areas that have never been touched by human hands. It is precisely these areas that anglers and hunters prefer. There are a lot of fish here that are just waiting to be caught.

Included in the scope of delivery is a set of paddles, each 122 cm in length, in addition to the hand pump. So you are prepared for everything and can start right away.

If you want, you can also order smaller Seahawk versions: there are still the 236 x 114 x 41 cm and the 295 x 137 x 43 cm variation. The Seahawk 4 (the largest version that has been written about all the time) weighs 17 kg when empty and can therefore be packed into the trunk even by a petite woman. So if you are not too skilled to tackle properly, you can easily assemble and disassemble the boat.

Some users do not like to use paddles as this type of movement by water becomes quite tiring over time. Therefore there is the option of attaching an outboard motor to the boat. In this case this is even possible, but the motor must not be more powerful than models with 1.1 kW.

The manufacturer also advises that children under 3 years of age should not be transported by boat. The reason is the long cord that was stretched around the boat. A child could get between the line and the boat and strangle themselves.

In the comments, satisfied buyers write about the Seahawk 4, among other things, that despite its reasonable size, it is inflated in just 10 minutes.

Unfortunately there are also some sailors whose expectations have not been fully met. After all, some buyers look at different aspects of a product. In the case of the Seahawk 4, some people are not happy with the quality. Some write of defects and a loss of air.


  • Cheap price.
  • Comes with 2 aluminum paddles and a pump.
  • With two inflatable seat cushions.
  • Including two fishing brackets.

3rd place

If you like it a step higher than the 2-man standard, you can take a closer look at the Challenger 3 from Intex. The inflatable boat has been designed with the dimensions of 295 x 137 x 43 cm for exactly 3 people.

Since the floor is inflatable, the third person can simply sit on it. The other two passengers have better luck because they can take a seat on the two inflatable seat cushions. The scope of delivery also includes an air pump so that you can start having fun with the water right away.

The set also includes two aluminum paddles (each 122 cm long). So that the boat does not sink directly in an emergency, it has a total of 3 air chambers. Should one of them get damaged, the other two will keep the boat afloat. At least that is the basic idea of ​​the manufacturer.

At the stern there is a small device that is used to attach outboard motors. The maximum load on the boat is 255 kg, so you could have a lot of fun with it on your own. After all, it certainly happens that you can’t get 3 men together and end up driving alone.

Thanks to the generous amount of space, you can pack a lot of equipment and provisions for several days on the boat and discover nature. In this way you can get to places that perhaps no one has ever been. With a little experience and skill, a good hunt is almost certain.

In the comments, satisfied customers write about this boat, among other things, that it is a very good price-performance ratio. Unfortunately, there are also some buyers with this offer who were not 100% satisfied: The accessories supplied could be a little higher quality. Some complain of broken paddles and a pump that is far too slow.


  • Supplied with aluminum paddle and pump.
  • With 2 inflatable seat cushions.
  • Safety rope provides additional rescue options.
  • Handle on the bow.

4th Place

At first glance you can see that it is an exotic inflatable boat from Intex. The Challenger K2 inflatable boat is more of an inflatable kayak boat, with a rather noticeable net on the bow.

This can be used in many ways: For example, if you want to stretch a water bottle underneath or another item, the net offers the possibility to do so. Those who are not particularly skilled or who have never sat in such a one-man inflatable boat will be happy about the safety rope that is taut all around.

If you have fallen into the water, you can hold onto the rope very well. In addition to the boat, the set also includes a long paddle and a pump so that you can start immediately. Intex advertises in the description with a hard-wearing material and high-quality workmanship. The dimensions are 274 x 76 x 33 cm and it is recommended that this product only be used on its own.

If you exceed the maximum load capacity of 100 kg, the boat could sink or be damaged. The Challenger K2 is best used in spring through to summer, because intense UV radiation can have a negative effect on the material in midsummer. In the comments, satisfied buyers write, among other things, that they welcome the network compartment.

You can stow some things underneath, because the interior is not particularly large. Expectations of other testers were not fully met, because some dissatisfied customers write about the Challenger K2, for example, that it would not stand straight on the water.


  • Exotic canoe design.
  • Comes with a long paddle and pump.
  • Practical net on the bow.
  • With inflatable seat.

5 place

When you see the boat for the first time, you immediately feel like going on an adventure in ice water. The Intex Mariner 4 in the gray color does not only look good next to glaciers, because you can of course also use this inflatable boat in summer. If you look into the inner compartment, you can see 3 inflatable seat cushions and 2 accessory bags.

In strong winds you should keep an eye on your seat cushion, because none of the comfortable stools is sewn to the boat. There are also no Velcro straps to attach them to the boat. The two accessory bags, on the other hand, are attached to the inflatable boat with strings so that they have nowhere to go.

A battery is painted on the larger of the two bags. So if you have the plan to mount an outboard motor, you could definitely benefit from it. The smaller bag, on the other hand, offers less space. At most you could put your tablet and / or smartphone, house keys and wallet in there.

Both pockets are made of water-repellent material so that these personal items do not get wet. After all, a car battery does not harmonize very well with the wet element and smaller electronic items are much better stored in one of the pockets. If you don’t have an outboard motor, you can also use the larger storage box for all your stuff and, for example, keep your fishing lures in it.

Every inflatable boat owner knows this little problem: when you pull the inflatable boat ashore from the shore or put it into the water, direct contact with the ground is in most cases already preprogrammed. Either someone is not paying attention or it cannot be avoided. Unfortunately, this happens often, especially with boats as large as this one.

If pebbles rub against the underside of an inflatable boat, it could mean a defect over time. To prevent this from happening, Intex has added reinforcements to the underside of this model. The hard-wearing surface made of pressed plastic gives the Mariner 4 an additional profile.

After all, the material of the boat is very thin and can be damaged very quickly with constant wear. However, thanks to the reinforcement, this is no longer the case. One could see the small tank as a kind of “boat jockstrap”.

With a size of 328 x 145 x 48 cm, the boat offers space for up to 4 people. The load capacity of 500 kg must not be exceeded. This point is often neglected and some passengers take luggage on board that is too heavy.

This usually results either in direct chaos on the open sea, or the boat suffers damage that only comes to the surface later. If you drag the boat over some pebbles when it is empty, not much happens in most cases.

In this case, the boat should not be damaged at all, as it was equipped with a small tank. The same story with an exceeded load is a completely different matter.

After all, in such a case more than 500 kg collide with the direct ground and this therefore not only grinds a bit, but also pushes the existing air in all directions. If you are unlucky, the boat can even burst if overloaded.

The scope of delivery not only includes the Mariner 4, but also a paddle set and a high-performance air pump. With these accessories you can actually get started, so that you can basically take the package with you to the lake.

This complete package could be particularly popular with those who have bought the boat as a fun gimmick, which you take out of the garage from time to time in good weather.

The material has been blessed with a thickness of 0.75 mm and the design has been optimized for increased comfort. If you want to use the boat for fishing, you can look forward to 2 fishing rod holders. As already mentioned, there is also a device for fastening an outboard motor. However, the maximum motor output must not exceed 1.5 kW.

The manufacturer recommends use from 9 years of age and only under adult supervision. Furthermore, the boat should not be used in deep water. In the comments, satisfied users of the Mariner 4 write that it inflates quite quickly. Unfortunately, the expectations of other buyers were not met 100 percent, because they write, among other things, that the boat loses air over time.


  • Large space for up to 4 people.
  • Comes with an air pump and 2 paddles.
  • With safety rope.
  • There are 3 inflatable seat cushions and 2 accessory bags on board.
  • Reinforced bottom.

6 place

If you were looking for an Intex inflatable boat for 2 children, you may have found it. The Explorer Pro 200 from Intex offers enough space for 2 smaller people with the dimensions of 196 x 102 x 33 cm.

So that the boat does not sink directly in the event of a defect, it was equipped with 3 air chambers. Should one of them be damaged, the two still intact air chambers keep the boat afloat.

A handle was attached to the front of the boat. The little passengers also have the option of holding onto one of the two additional handles on the left and right. So that you can easily find your way back into the boat in the event of an accident, a safety rope has been stretched around the boat.

You can quickly pull yourself back into the boat on this line. Since most users of this dinghy take it to the pool every now and then and use it as a bathing island, the leash is a welcome possibility to hold onto.

In addition to the air pump, the scope of delivery also includes 2 paddles. The maximum weight must not exceed 120 kg, otherwise you could sink. In the comments, satisfied users of this product write that there is room for even an adult. Unfortunately, some customers’ expectations were not fully met. Among other things, you write that the boat loses air over time.


Inflatable boat can accommodate 2 children.
Comes with a pump and 2 paddles.
With a tether.
3 air chambers.

Intex inflatable boat 2

Advice: What should you look out for when buying an Intex inflatable boat?

Intex offers many different inflatable boat models: Starting with the very small versions for children, through 2-man boats, to giant boats for over 5 people. So at the beginning you should ask yourself: What do I want?

It may also be interesting to think that you could use a very large rubber dinghy alone. So if you have bought a very large boat, it will certainly happen at some point that you cannot always round up 4 other passengers.

In such a case, however, you can use the space for other purposes and stock up on pretty much every comfort you can imagine. With the mostly quite high permissible total weight, you could even set up a small mobile minibar with refreshing drinks.

Another question you should ask yourself if you are planning to buy an Intex inflatable boat would be: What do I want to do with the inflatable boat? For example, if you mainly use the boat for fishing, you should definitely choose a model with at least one fishing bracket. Fishing racks are not only very practical, they are almost mandatory on board a boat.

When you’re on land, you can at least ram a stick or something similar into the ground and lean your fishing rod on it. However, this is not so easy on board, so that you cannot avoid a fishing rod.

The aspect of longevity also plays a role: if you buy the inflatable boat as a hobby angler and go fishing with it every month, you should possibly opt for a model with a reinforced bottom.

However, if you only buy the inflatable boat as a bathing island for the pool and could basically just as easily do without it, you don’t have to spend huge sums on it. So what should you pay attention to in summary when you plan to buy an Intex inflatable boat?

  • Purpose: You should think carefully beforehand whether you are going to buy a very large inflatable boat. As with all big things, there are also some disadvantages when it comes to inflatable boats: Large inflatable boats take a lot of time, especially when it comes to assembly and dismantling.
    In addition, the purpose plays a major role, because it just makes no sense to go to waste in your own small pool with a giant inflatable boat. Likewise, you don’t want to cruise out to sea in a mini rubber dinghy.
  • Price-performance ratio: All Intex inflatable boats are not really inflatable boats. After all, they are not filled with gas, but with normal air and are not nearly as durable. Nevertheless, you should take a look at the thickness of the material. Every millimeter could mean a difference here, especially when it comes to durability.
  • Accessories: Some Intex inflatable boats come with accessory bags, paddles, air pumps, repair kits, inflatable seat cushions and covers. Most of the time, you can dust off one or the other utensil and don’t have to buy it afterwards. For this reason you should always keep your eyes open when it rains offers. Intex sometimes offers special offers, especially before celebrations or public holidays.


Inflatable boats from Intex are very popular – not least because the price-performance ratio is right. If you are looking for a good inflatable boat for little money, you could feel at home in an Intex shop.

Another reason that speaks for this manufacturer is the large selection of different shapes, colors and sizes. New water toys are launched every year so it never gets boring. And let’s be honest: Without air mattresses, inflatable boats and bathing islands, the pool would only be half as fun.

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