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Is sailing something for me?


Sailing is awesome – but not for everyone. You can find out in this article whether you will be happy on a yacht.

Is sailing something for me? The 5-point checklist

Have you read about sailing or maybe heard from friends? Or maybe you’ve just seen one of these sailing boats while on vacation and wondered what it’s like. And now you would like to go on a sailing holiday yourself, but you are unsure whether such a sailing trip is right for you. Don’t worry, after this checklist you will know.


When sailing, you are super close to nature. Sure, you are on the water all day (mostly) and let the wind blow you across the sea. In the bays you can splash, swim and snorkel and explore the underwater world. Relaxing hours on the beach or generally on land will of course bring you closer to the flora and fauna on site. At Join The Crew, it is very important to us that we treat our nature and the environment with a lot of love, after all, it gives us this great time on the boat and during our trips. So if you love the different facets of nature as much as we do, then you can tick the first checklist. Go on…

    With us you have the opportunity to meet open-minded like-minded people aged 20-35. From the absolute novice to sailing professional, there are diverse groups. But they all have one thing in common: everyone wants to spend a cool and relaxed time on board. Our sailing trips are ideal for solo travelers, but couples or friends are of course also very welcome. In our crew chat you will get to know your fellow sailors immediately after booking and you can get a taste of each other for the first time. You will quickly notice that there are really great people involved. I’m a sailor myself at various clubs and my crews have always been awesome. So if you want to meet new people your age and you can also handle the risk of making real friends, then put your second checkmark on the checklist.
    The absolutely beautiful thing about sailing is that it combines two vacation components – adventure and relaxation. When you hoist the sail and heat it over the sea with a lot of speed and incline, then this is definitely an adventure. The quad tour in Greece or crossing the jungle in Thailand, for example, also clearly belong to the adventure category. On the other hand, there are definitely the relaxing hours that such a sailing trip entails. There we have z. For example, hanging out on deck with a good book, relaxing on an air mattress in one of the beautiful bays or relaxing after dinner watching the starry sky – and believe me, when you are at sea you first see what “starry sky” actually means. But what I like best is that you can switch off so wonderfully on a boat. You don’t have the feeling of missing any sightseeing spot on land, you can just live in the moment. Sounds cheesy, but that’s how it is. So if you are looking for a mixture of relaxation and adventure on vacation, then you are one step further in the is-sailing-something-for-me process. On to the penultimate point.
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    With us on board everyone lends a hand. That distinguishes our crews and creates a bond. It starts with the trip shopping, goes through loosening lines, hoisting sails, steering, throwing anchor up to cooking and maybe even scrubbing the deck. You have the chance to learn how it actually works with sailing, because our trips are intended for participation. What wind do we need to be able to sail and what knots do I need to attach a fender? What do we do if one of our crew members goes overboard and how do we make an emergency call via radio. Our motto is right in the middle instead of just being there – does that appeal to you? If not, then you may be out. If so, then I can tell you that there is only one thing left to keep you from going on a sailing adventure.
    A sailboat like this is anything but small, but it is not a vacation home or a hotel room that you have to yourself or that you share with one person. We have limited space here and you spend your time there with 8 other people. I can tell you it’s not a problem at all. You should only be aware of this beforehand. If you like to have a lot of space to yourself and expect that on our sailing trips, then you may be a little disappointed. We focus on sailing and being with the crew. Nonetheless, there is of course always the possibility that you can withdraw from time to time and be alone if you want to.

So, now it is ready. The big question has come. Could you tick each of our checkpoints? Yes? Then I congratulate you very much – you are made for a sailing trip. If not, don’t rate it directly. If you are still interested after reading this article, but still have not cleared up all doubts, then get in touch with me. I am at your side at any time with words and deeds and can advise you which area is best for you.

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