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Not all fuel is created equal


Everyone who owns a boat knows the problem: the way to the gas station is always a challenge. And regardless of whether it is a small sport boat or a 12 meter yacht: the stop at the gas station is the unpleasant part of a boat tour even for the well-off yacht owner.

The second potential challenge may be that in some countries fuel is of poor quality at petrol stations. For a boat, this can quickly lead to an expensive situation, as we saw in Croatia last year: A relatively young Elan Power 35 had to be towed into the marina and spend weeks there, the boating season was over. The cause: puffed diesel, which did not do the engines well.

Informing protects

What can you do about it, one or the other will ask. The answer is simple: the easiest way is to actively find out from other boaters, locals and staff in the marinas whether there are petrol stations that are not recommended due to bad experiences. Because if a gas station is exposed as a negative example, word gets around quickly.

To reassure you, it should be noted that although there are cases like the ones described above, they are isolated cases. In the vast majority of petrol stations, you are not affected by this problem and receive good quality fuel.

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