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On board the Ferretti 960


How to turn a 30 meter luxury yacht into a successful model shortly after its market launch is demonstrated by the Italian shipyard Ferretti Yachts with their new flagship, the Ferretti 960. I was in Cannes for the world premiere of the Ferretti 960 on a test drive. I’m lucky that a friend of mine works at Ferretti and was able to take me on the boat.

First of all: The Ferretti 960 is a so-called “Production Boat” (series yacht) and not a “Custom Yacht” (tailor-made yacht). So you can change a few things and take into account the wishes of the owner, but not affect the basic layout. But this is not necessary, because Ferretti put a lot of thought into the development of the yacht and incorporated their many years of experience with all the refinements in the design of the 960.

There is z. For example, the 960 falls into the CE category thanks to a length of 29.2 meters or a hull length of 23.9 meters and can therefore be driven by the owner without the presence of a professional captain being necessary (the CE seaworthiness category applies to boats up to 24 meters in length).

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Master cabin on the main deck, 4 guest cabins below deck

Furthermore, the 960 is the first yacht from Ferretti Yachts, where the 30 m² owner’s cabin is on the main deck and four other guest cabins, each with their own bathroom on the lower deck. These four guest cabins are absolutely the same size and tastefully furnished with the same luxurious furnishings. Each of these guest cabins has a generous 5-part window area, which allows a wonderful view of the water.

The reason for four absolutely identical guest cabins is not only well thought out but simple: “This rules out problems with the assignment of cabins for family and friends,” explained Production Manager Fabio Marcellino, who was on a test drive with us and is responsible for the production of the 960s . A further three crew cabins can each be reached from the spacious kitchen to enable the crew and guests to be separated. Two master cabins are also possible, but these are at the expense of two guest cabins.

The yacht also has an innovative multimedia system. In addition to a TV system with several flat screens, video cameras in the stern and bow, a Yamaha sound system was also used, in which the speakers are invisibly integrated into the walls. The entire electronics are also backed up by two backup systems.

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Light-flooded salon, spacious outdoor area

From the spacious salon, which is flooded with light through the use of mighty windows, a side door on the right and in the rear leads to the outside area. The doors are electronically locked and can be opened or closed manually or by means of a sensor.

The outside area in the stern and on the flybridge offers plenty of space to enjoy the time by the sea outdoors. The flybridge can e.g. B. be designed with or without a jacuzzi. There was no jacuzzi on our test boat in Cannes, which increases the space on the flybridge considerably. The area was equipped with two large seating areas, whereby the two tables in the first seating area can be expanded into a dining table, creating a dining area for several people. A bar with 2 bar stools was also available. There would also be space for one or two jet skis.

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Fleet of luxury yachts with different engines

The yacht is available with three different MTU engines: The standard version has two 16V 2000 M84 (2218 hp). The other two optional versions are available with two 16V with 2435 HP or two 16V with 2638 HP. The most powerful Ferretti 960 has a top speed of 31.5 knots and a cruising speed of 27 knots.

Our test boat had the standard motorization, which in our opinion is completely sufficient and makes a yacht of this size astonishingly afloat. The 960 is stabilized by an anti-rolling gyro system, which is installed as standard and guarantees the highest level of comfort on board, which we were able to see for ourselves during the test drive.

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Innovative tender garage

An innovation of the 960 is the rear area, which not only offers space for a jet ski, but is also equipped with an innovative tender garage: when the tender garage is opened, water comes in, making it easy to get the tender in and out. When the garage is closed, the water sinks again and the tender is well stowed in the garage (see photos in the photo gallery). The system is convincing in all respects and enables the tender to be handled easily and conveniently. The rear area is complemented by a spacious, hydraulic bathing platform and a lounging area available in the garage.

The construction time of a Ferretti 960 is around 6 months, and the shipyard can produce six copies per year without any problems. For the handling of the yacht, Ferretti recommends at least four crew members (three for steering and general handling of the yacht, another for catering, whereby an owner who wants to be very comfortable can also use a fifth crew member). The price is around 7 million euros.

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Success model

The fact that the Ferretti 960 is already a successful model is shown by the fact that 4 units were sold before the world premiere in Cannes (1 unit each to Italy, Bulgaria, the USA and the Far East) and another model during the Boat Show in Cannes to France.

With the Ferretti 960, the shipyard has succeeded in creating an outstanding luxury yacht that is second to none. If you like it bigger or even more individual, you can choose the Ferretti Custom Line, with the 960 setting standards in its class.

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Overview of boat data:

  • Shipyard: Ferretti Yachts (Italy)
  • Name: Ferretti 960
  • Year 2013
  • Length: 29.2 m
  • Width: 6.7 m
  • Weight: 99 t
  • Motor: 2 x MTU 16 V 2000 (2218 PS) (optional M93 / M94)
  • Fuel tank: 9,000 l
  • Water tank: 1,320 l
  • Cruising speed: 24 knots
  • Top speed: 27-31 knots
  • Cabins: 8 (1 master cabin, 4 for guests, 3 for the crew)
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I am just thrilled with this yacht! This luxury is really fun! Of course I would like to own such a yacht, but unfortunately I don’t have 7 million dollars left at the moment;) On the other hand, it is of course also fun with a smaller yacht or a smaller boat where you can still drive yourself and not hire a full crew board needs. It’s just a great toy for the big boys with the right budget!

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