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Outboard motor inspection guide


When buying a new outboard, please always think about the inspection costs, which you may have to include. It doesn’t help if the outboard motor is very cheap and the inspection costs hundreds of euros. You should also check whether there is a dealer in the vicinity who can do the inspection for you. If you have to drive many kilometers for the inspection, it may be worthwhile to buy an outboard from another company. Most outboard motor manufacturers offer the possibility to look for the nearest dealer on their website, the best thing to do is to go to everyone in your area and inquire about the prices. These are often not uniform and differ from retailer to retailer. Sometimes the prices for the outboard motor inspection fluctuate very strongly. In any case: Compare prices! It may be worthwhile to drive a few kilometers here.

Outboard engine inspection protocol and service book

Also ask exactly what the inspection includes and, if necessary, have it listed after the inspection, and the dealer should hand over a protocol of the inspection. The entry in the service booklet should go without saying. Because this is very important for your warranty claims, in case the outboard motor should be defective. It is therefore absolutely necessary to have the inspection carried out by an authorized dealer during the warranty period. If you are unsure about this, ask the respective manufacturer, they will always be happy to help you.

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Make sure you also check the condition of the propeller!

Necessary inspection work on the outboard motor

In most cases, you can read about everything that has to be done during the inspection in the manual of your outboard motor; in most cases there is also an inspection plan printed there, which you can use to carry out the repair yourself after the warranty has expired. Please also strictly adhere to the inspection intervals shown here, although some manufacturers do not take it so precisely, but this is only goodwill. The manufacturers know of course that nobody would like to bring their outboard for inspection during the season, but the interval should be strictly adhered to and the engine should be brought to the dealer when the times are due.

Do outboard inspection yourself? But only after the guarantee!

Of course, you could simply do the inspection of your outboard yourself, but in order not to lose your guarantee, the motor should definitely be taken to the dealer during the guarantee. When the warranty expires, things look different again. Engine and transmission oil, as well as the oil filter, are available from dealers for a few euros. The oil filter, gear oil and engine oil from the outboard can also be changed quickly; in most cases the change is also explained and described in the manual for your outboard.

Often all that is needed is a Phillips and slotted screwdriver. The two oil changes are the simplest here; the fairing of your outboard motor often has to be removed to change the oil filter. Greasing all possible parts shouldn’t be a problem either. However, if you want to do the inspection yourself after the warranty has expired, strictly adhere to the description in your manual.

Should you go wrong with the inspection of your outboard, you could possibly damage your outboard beyond repair. If you are not sure whether you dare to do the inspection yourself, if in doubt, bring the outboard to the dealer for the inspection. Your engine will thank you.

If you need to change the impeller later, you should definitely take your outboard to the dealer. Changing the impeller is a lot more complicated because you have to dismantle the underwater part from the motor. The impeller with its pump ensures that your outboard is always supplied with cooling water. However, the impeller can become brittle and brittle over time, which means that your outboard may receive little or no cooling water. The impeller should therefore be changed regularly every few years, your inspection plan will give you information about when the impeller should be changed.

Do you want to do the inspection of your outboard motor yourself? Then I can only recommend you to buy this book, everything is there again exactly and described step by step how you can maintain your outboard motor yourself.

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