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If you want to rent or charter a boat, you usually need a valid boat license from a certain engine power. What many do not know: in some countries an VHF radio communication certificate is also required. This is the case, for example, in Croatia, one of the most popular destinations for Germans to rent a boat on the Adriatic. For which boats a radio certificate is required and how you can acquire it, you can find out here.

Radio certificate not required for every boat

A valid VHF radio communication certificate is required if a radio is on board. Croatian law stipulates that all commercially used charter boats with berths must be equipped with a marine radio (VHF radio). To use it, at least one person must be on board who has an appropriate radio certificate.

Acquire SRC radio certificate in Germany

In Germany, the limited valid radio operating certificate Short Range Certificate (SRC) can be obtained in many boat and sailing schools. The SRC is an internationally valid radio certificate that is required for participation in VHF radio at sea and the global distress and safety radio system GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System). Usually the SRC is sufficient for the Croatian coast.

Acquire radio certificate in Croatia

Radiotelephony certificates can be obtained on site in Croatia. In addition to the national certificates of the countries of origin, Croatia accepts its own Croatian coastal patent (Boat Scipper B), which contains the VHF marine radio authorization.

Charter customers without a radio certificate can either complete a crash course for the Croatian boat license or a crash course for the Croatian radio certificate, depending on which experience and licenses they already have. The costs vary between € 100 and € 300. The main focus of the exam is on the radio alphabet, but questions about navigation, safety at sea and right of way must also be expected. Anyone who has basic boat knowledge shouldn’t have any problems.

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Save money in Croatia

The Croatian boat license and the German sports boat license differ in the length and cost of the training. The Croatian coastal patent B can be completed in 1-2 days, the costs are around 300 € including the examination fee. You can find offers here, among other things. The SBF See, on the other hand, takes significantly longer and costs twice as much on average; the VHF radio certificate is not included.

However, the Croatian coastal patent does not have the same scope as the German sport boat license for many countries. For customers who rent a boat, especially in Croatia, it is certainly a cheap alternative.

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