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Safety in water sports


Whether in leisure time or on vacation, water is a real magnet for everyone who is looking for active, sporty balance, relaxation or recreation. The water sports areas on the coasts as well as in the inland offer varied possibilities for all water sports activities from diving to fishing, canoeing and various board sports to boating under sail or motor.

What all these activities have in common is water with its own fascination. The direct contact with the basic elements water and wind as well as the fascinating flora and fauna of the lakes, rivers and seas offer unique, immediate and original experiences that are difficult to find on land. In addition, wind and water challenge us both physically and cognitively. Water sports are always a holistic experience.

Respectful treatment

The fun and recreational value is inherent in the element of water, so to speak, but dealing with this element always includes respect for the power that lies dormant in it. Compared to other leisure and holiday activities, all water sports do very well in terms of safety, and there are very few real problems or even accidents. However, it is important to always pay attention to your own safety on the water, because ultimately humans are not a water creature. And even the smallest body of water is not a natural human habitat.

Safety as part of water sports

For real water sports enthusiasts, having fun on the water always includes the thought of safety, no matter what water sport we are talking about. Not as a chore, but because it’s part of that special experience. Being able to properly and competently ensure safety on the water, for yourself, for the crew and guests on board or for your partner during the dive, is part of the special experience of water sports.

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Practical tips for safety in water sports

Training & material

Confirmation & Confidence

It starts with good basic training, without which no water sports enthusiast will expose himself to the elements of water and wind. Mastering wind and waves with one’s own knowledge and skills gives confirmation and self-confidence. The assessment of one’s own limits is inseparable and something that one takes back into everyday life.

Check & maintain

Then there is the material, partly equipped with the latest technology, which of course can only perform its tasks reliably if it is in good condition. As a water sports enthusiast, I know how to use material and technology for my experience on the water. And because the material is my most important ally on the water, I appreciate and care for it.

Teamwork & communication

Water sports that are fun are always teamwork. Cohesion, coordination and communication in the crew also contribute to safety on the water – and at the same time are part of what makes water sports such a rich and rewarding experience.

Only at the end of this chain of safety aspects is the safety equipment in the actual sense such as life jackets, emergency transmitters or equipment for rescuing a person overboard. Safety on the water begins in the head and therefore helps to increase the experience on the water.

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