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Sailing trip preparation | The 7 points checklist


The book button has been clicked, the confirmation was received in the e-mail inbox and the anticipation is at level 157 – your sailing adventure is assured, yeah. Congratulations on that. But now you are wondering whether you have to prepare yourself somehow and if so, how this sailing trip preparation looks like. The answer is found quickly, because I have put together a 7-point checklist for you.

  1. The ultimate in preparation for a sailing trip
    The community is an important part of your preparation, because this is where you get to know your fellow sailors and skippers. Everyone briefly introduces themselves with their name, place of residence, hobbies and occupation – if you want, you can of course reveal other things about yourself. In addition to getting to know the fellow sailors for the first time, the crew chat is largely used to prepare for the sailing trip. Important points such as allergies, intolerances, possible joint travel, first meal suggestions, etc. can be discussed here. So make sure to stop by after booking.
  2. The question of all questions when preparing the sailing trip: What clothes do you have to bring?
    While preparing for the sailing trip, the question will surely come to mind: What should I wear? The following three points help to narrow down the answer a bit.

1-There is little space on the yacht. So you shouldn’t bring a suitcase with you because it can’t be stowed away. Limit yourself to a travel bag or backpack.
2-What does the weather forecast say? In addition, it is of course very dependent on the area whether you should pack long or short things.
3-You are at sea, things can easily get wet and should therefore dry quickly.

What must be taken in any case:

  • Swimming trunks / bikini / swimsuit
  • Shoes with a white sole
  • Water shoes if necessary
  • headgear and sunglasses
  • 1-2 shorts
  • 1-2 long pants
  • 3-4 t-shirts / tops
  • 3-4 shirts / sweaters
  • “Night out outfit” for a bar or restaurant
  • Fleece jacket / zipper / rain jacket
  • underwear / socks
  • towel – quick dry!
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  1. Vacation does not protect against illness – what belongs in the on-board pharmacy?
    The motto here is very clear: Don’t go crazy and look forward to your vacation, but just in case, it’s better to have than to have. So while preparing for the cruise, think about what you might need on board – after all, you know your body best. Here are my basic suggestions:
  • Medication that you have to take regularly anyway (girls: don’t forget your pill)
  • Something against seasickness: get advice at the pharmacy
  • Depending on the area, something against mosquito bites or mosquito spray as a precaution
  • Disinfectants and plasters
  • After-sun lotion for sunburn, but ideally you also provide sunscreen here
  1. Digital Detox? Doesn’t have to be – cell phones, cameras & Co.
    Of course you can bring your cell phone, camera, drone and your laptop with you. You should only bear in mind that we are on a yacht and may not have enough electricity or power to always be able to charge all devices. As a rule of thumb, however, you can remember that everything that can be charged via USB cable i. d. Usually does not cause any problems. All you need is a “cigarette lighter plug” (or what is it called?). Most of the time someone (especially the skipper) has it with them, but it’s best to clarify this again during the preparation for the sailing trip, for example in the community chat.
  2. Games, fun and excitement – the preparation of the on-board entertainment?
    In order to ensure entertainment on the yacht, you should actually use the trip preparation phase. For example, download your favorite playlist from Spotify, because there is not always internet on board. Buy the book that you always wanted to read – during the trip you will certainly have a quiet moment to browse. Discuss with the others whether and which games you want to bring with you. Think of a sketch that you want to perform or study a song to audition. You may notice that there are no limits to your imagination.
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  1. Better safe than sorry – insurance for the sailing trip
    You might think sailing means vacation, that’s not entirely wrong, but don’t forget, sailing is also a sport and during sport it can lead to injuries. Therefore, I would recommend to clarify with your health insurance company during the preparation for the sailing trip whether you have integrated international insurance and whether it covers sailing. Sailing is also a dangerous sport and therefore not automatically covered in every insurance. If you don’t have international insurance, there are various providers where you can get one for little money.
  2. “What is he talking about?” – The most important terms on board
    When it comes to sailing, there are some technical terms that are thrown around on the yacht. You should learn the following terms by heart during the preparation for the sailing trip, they will be asked in a short test on the first day – FUN! You don’t have to know anything about sailing before your trip, but if you’re interested, here are the most common terms on board.
  • Starboard = right in the direction of travel
  • Port = left in the direction of travel
  • Trap, sheets, lines = different ropes (but sailors never say ropes on board, only lines)
  • Cast off = we leave our anchorage / port
  • Mooring = We tie up somewhere and celebrate with the famous pier drink
  • Cleat = metal part that is used to tie up a line
  • Winch = round something around which the line is laid for setting and lowering the sails

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