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Seaangel AS15 AIS Flare – the smallest AIS sea rescue


Everyone agrees that safety at sea is very important and cannot be appreciated enough. But it is often not so easy to ensure personal safety, the corresponding products are often unwieldy or expensive.

Seaangel: Smallest AIS sea rescuer

Not so with the Seaangel SA15 AIS Flare, currently the smallest and handiest AIS emergency transmitter. The SA15 has been tested according to SOLAS guidelines and thus also meets the extensive requirements of shipping. It can either be easily integrated into a life jacket or simply worn on the body.

No more searching, just saving

The Seaangel SA15 sends 8 emergency messages to the AIS system every minute. Ships, boats and base stations that are equipped with AIS receive this signal and thus accelerate the emergency chain – a time-consuming search is no longer necessary, the rescue can take place immediately.

For pleasure boats, sailing boats, motor boats as well as industry and cruise line shipping

The system can of course also be used on sailing boats, motor boats, for surfing, diving and all water sports.

The handy AIS sea rescue was developed by the Austrian company FT-TEC GmbH. The Seaangel system has meanwhile established itself in the industrial and cruise line shipping industry in the short period of its existence. The company recently received an order for the initial equipment of 24 ships on the Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania and Regent Cruise Line. From September 2016 the Seaangel SA15 systems are a helpful support for emergency measures on board the cruise lines.

Here is the product, you can order it on amazon using this link.

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