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The 8 best life jackets for kids, babies, and toddlers


If the children should always be with them when rowing, paddling or fishing, they should always wear a life jacket. But for this to be able to fulfill its purpose as desired, it must meet certain criteria. These are described in more detail below.

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This one contains some of the best life jackets or life jackets, all of which are very good. So every interested party can find the right model. When buying, it is also important to pay attention to how big and heavy the offspring are.

In addition, a life jacket or life jacket should fit perfectly and should not pinch anywhere. It should also always stay in place and not slip constantly.

The life jackets and life jackets available for children are made of different materials. If you want to be on the safe side, you should choose a robust and durable model.

child life jacket 2

1st place

The solid vest for small children from Stohlquist is ISO CE 12402-4 certified and therefore a safe product. It is suitable for children between three and ten kilograms. Due to the ergonomic shape, it fits very tightly and does not pinch or pinch.

This life jacket for children is processed very professionally and therefore also durable. It provides protection on all excursions on the water and is held in an orange signal color and has some reflective SOLAS stripes. This means that it is always very easy to see, even in poor visibility.

If a child goes overboard, they can draw attention to themselves with the signal whistle that is included in the scope of delivery. Another advantage is the special construction. This ensures that the wearer is always in a safe supine position and thus reduces the risk of drowning.

The straps could be a little more stable. At one customer, they crumbled a little after being used several times.


  • Is professionally processed.
  • A signal whistle is included.
  • Is ISO certified.
  • Can be recognized very well in the water through a signal color and reflective stripes.
  • Ensures a safe supine position.

2nd place

The OBrien life jacket was designed for babies and can, among other things, be used in the first swimming lessons with parents. The latter always have the offspring under very good control. The life jacket for babies is available in many designs and colors.

The vest has an award-winning design and is offered at a very fair price. On board are some large, soft and, above all, kink-proof zippers. The snug and comfortable fit must also be mentioned. Due to the beautiful design, this vest is very popular with most children.

The glue on the inside of one of the buyers has loosened somewhat.


  • Has an award-winning design.
  • Is available at a fair price.
  • Has large and soft zippers.
  • Fits tight and has a good fit.
  • Has a child-friendly design.

3rd place

The model from Mustang is designed for babies and toddlers with a weight between three and ten kilograms and an age of zero to two years.

The orange safety color and the practical reflective stripes make it very visible in the water. The Plastimo children’s life jacket is filled with polyethylene foam and thus offers good buoyancy. The children’s life jacket from Mustang can also be used as a regatta or as a kayak life jacket for children,

The lifejacket for children does not have to be inflated because it is a so-called solid vest. It has some practical features, such as a zipper, a strap for a secure hold, a waist cord and a hip belt with a clip.

Another advantage is the high buoyancy of this vest. The large collar always keeps the wearer’s head above water.

A buyer thinks that the vest is too big.


  • Provides good buoyancy.
  • Has many practical features (seat belt + zipper + waist cord + fastening tape).
  • Can be easily recognized by a signal color and reflective light strips.
  • Comes with a safety whistle.
  • Has a large collar (which keeps the wearer’s head above water at all times)

4th Place

The life jacket for toddlers from Sima is phthalate-free and has a zipper. With the crotch strap, which is covered with soft neoprene, the size can be adjusted perfectly.

The vest is suitable for children between three and six years of age and weighing between 18 and 30 kilograms.

Unlike many other life jackets, this model does not have an unpleasant chemical smell. The vest fits very well and is tight.

The fact that it is quick to put on and take off is very popular with many buyers. The offspring can move freely in this vest and are not restricted.

Unfortunately the vest is a bit small.


  • Smells neutral.
  • Sits very well and does not restrict the wearer.
  • Allows enough freedom of movement.
  • Has a nice design.

5 place

If you are looking for a robust and durable life jacket for children, you could find it with this model. It is suitable for wearers aged one to ten years. So it can be used for many years.

The life jacket for children from MW has an attractive design and looks very valuable. In addition, it is soft and elastic and therefore offers a high level of comfort. The vest protects against drowning and keeps the wearer warm. It is delivered with a drawstring pocket.

One child had some red abrasions on their forearms after wearing this vest. Therefore, a T-shirt should definitely be worn underneath.


  • Is of high quality processed.
  • Suitable for children from one to ten years.
  • Is soft and stretchy.
  • Comes with a cord bag.

6 place

The ONeill children’s life jacket is made of robust and tear-resistant neoprene. The seat belt prevents the wearer from slipping. There are eight removable floats on board.

This vest is of very high quality and has a long lifespan. The scope of delivery includes a cord pocket in which it can be stowed away after use. Thanks to the signal color, the parents always have their offspring in view. The vest is available in several sizes.

Unfortunately the vest is not always available.


  • Is of high quality processed.
  • Delivered with a cord pocket.
  • Can be recognized very well by the signal color.
  • Is available in several sizes.

7 place

The life jacket comes from Kent and has a load capacity between 20 and 30 kilograms. It consists of 100 percent polyester and is light orange. This means that it can be recognized very well in the water, which is also ensured by the reflectors.

It is certified according to DIN EN ISO 12402-4 and with multi-layer SECU Foam soft foam. This gives it good buoyancy. The scope of delivery also includes a signal whistle with which the child can make himself heard.

A customer thinks the vest is a bit clumsy.


  • Is ISO certified.
  • Delivered with a signal whistle.
  • Can be used in many ways.
  • Has a double crotch strap.
  • Is filled with multi-layer SECU Foam soft foam and thus offers good buoyancy.

8 place

The Mustang life jacket was manufactured according to the latest European safety guidelines and therefore offers good protection and a high level of comfort. The carriers also have a maximum of freedom of movement.

The vest has eight chambers that are filled with foam and can be removed. Another advantage is the robust and double-secured safety belt of this vest. The neoprene fabric protects very well against the cold.

If not properly tightened, it can easily slip.


  • Is equipped with eight foam chambers.
  • Has a double-secured seat belt.
  • Consists of robust and warming neoprene.
  • Allows enough freedom of movement.
child life jacket

Advice: Buy the right life jacket or life jacket for children

A life jacket should protect the wearer as best as possible. To do this, it must meet the following points:


Only if the life jacket for babies is the right size can it do its job and protect the wearer as best as possible. So it makes sense to let the youngsters try on several models until the right one is found.


Safety should always come first when buying a life jacket. Among other things, buoyancy plays an important role here. Because this indicates what load the vest can carry.

When buying, the weight, age and size of the child should also be taken into account in addition to buoyancy. Often the scope of delivery also includes a signal whistle. With this, the offspring can make themselves felt when they have fallen into the water.

The quality

A good life jacket should also be made of a robust, high-quality and durable material. Thus, savings should not be made in the wrong place. After all, the offspring should always be safe.

In addition, high-quality materials also last longer.


Children’s life jackets should be worn on every outing on the water. Because they not only protect the little ones from drowning, but also partially warm them. They also make recovery easier. Therefore the life jacket is an absolute must. Nevertheless, you should never let your child out of your sight, even the best life jacket can fail or a situation can arise where even a good life jacket cannot help!

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