high seas

The high seas: economic area – sailor’s paradise


High seas

When people think of the high seas, many immediately think of an infinitely wide sea and sailing trips that require the high art of nautical science. But there are many boats on the international waters – cruise ships as well as large tankers, fishing boats and leisure captains. The “rulers of the sea”

The term high seas includes large areas of the seas and oceans in the world. These are international waters that are not subject to any state jurisdiction. This does not include the waters of the archipelago states and inland waters of states. The territorial sea, which extends 12 miles from the mainland, is also not part of the high seas. The so-called exclusive economic zones (EEZ) are also excluded. The neighboring states have sovereignty in these areas. The zones extend from the coast up to 200 nautical miles into the sea.

The United Nations is responsible for matters relating to the high seas. They regard the area as “the common heritage of humanity”. In the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea, they regulated the use of waters. Accordingly, the high seas are open to all states. The countries are therefore free to travel through the area by ship, to fly over it and to lay underground pipes and cables in it. They are also allowed to build artificial islands, fish and research. The convention also regulates marine mining and the protection of the environment on the seas

There’s a lot going on on the high seas. The economic use of the oceans is increasing: more than two thirds of the freight volume is transported by sea. Fishing plays a big role. Research in the direction of deep-sea mining is picking up speed. Many countries are examining whether it is worth reducing. Because there are large amounts of mineral resources on the sea floor. This is where the so-called manganese nodules are located, which in addition to manganese also contain copper, zinc, cobalt and iron. Since mining the tubers would be very expensive, it will probably take some time before production begins. The use of the resources is managed by the international seabed authority. Germany has held since 2006
Research licenses for two areas in the Pacific and paid a rent of 250,000 euros to the UN.

With the motorboat out to sea.
For a trip on the water, sea fans do not need to book a passage on the cruise ship. It is an adventure to be in control of the helm at sea. The Adriatic Sea in Croatia offers an attractive area on the water. If you have the right boat license, you can discover the sea by sailing yacht or motorboat.

And to acquire the authorization is not that difficult: At various associations, prospective boat drivers combine nautical preparation courses for the Croatian coastal patent with their vacation. This driver’s license is one of the most popular boat driving licenses. The motorization is not restricted, owners are also allowed to drive jet skis. And boat owners in Croatia can rent a boat at fair prices. The possible loan period ranges from one day to several weeks. In addition to driving fun, the patent opens up many possibilities to make your vacation even more attractive. Holidaymakers can take a boat to reach places of interest for a day trip, go island hopping or do dives from the deck.

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