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The sailing paradise of Slovenia – an insider tip on the Adriatic coast


Slovenia – a sailing paradise introduces itself

The Republic of Slovenia is one of the insider tips when it comes to a holiday by the sea in southern Europe. The small country has only a short stretch of coast, but is a popular alternative to Croatia due to its proximity to neighboring countries Italy and Austria. The most famous marina is located in Portorož, a small town on the Slovenian Adriatic. It is the ideal starting point for a short sailing trip to the Kvarner Bay or to Istria. The Italian Adriatic is also one of the interesting destinations for sailors who have decided to start in Portorož.

The Slovenian marinas – a brief portrait with the most important information

The Slovenian Adriatic coast convinces tourists with enchanting cities, breathtaking viewpoints, picturesque bays and a number of karst attractions. In addition to Portorož, the marinas in Koper and Izola are other options for sailors that are often and gladly used. They are characterized by modern equipment, and the sailors can supply themselves with petrol at all ports. In Izola, sailors can cross the border from May to October, while the crossings in Piran and Koper are open all year round. Internautica is the name of the largest international nautical salon in this region. It is located in Portorož and the Slovenes are very proud of it.

The coastal patent B – the Croatian boat license as a basic requirement

To operate sailing boats in Slovenia you need the coastal patent B. This is the Croatian boat license, which is also valid in Italy, Spain, Greece and Slovenia. Holders of this driving license are allowed to drive yachts up to a maximum of 30 GT and do not have to accept any restrictions in terms of motorization. A basic requirement for the acquisition of the patent is the minimum age of 16 years.

Training – duration of the Kruse and costs for examination and materials

In Croatia and Austria there are various boat schools that offer courses for training for the coastal patent. There is an opportunity to take an exam every Sunday. However, participants must register at least ten days before the desired date. Theoretical lessons last a maximum of one day. Sometimes it’s only a few hours. Compared to the Croatian boat license, lessons in the German version last two months, and the license is more than twice as expensive as on the Adriatic. Interested parties in this country have to pay 630 euros, while fun in Croatia costs only 300 euros. This fee consists of 180 euros for the course including materials and 120 euros for the examination fee.

Registration process – design of the exam and role of boat schools

The registration process for the exam is sometimes quite chaotic. For this reason, it is important to get in touch with a boat school in advance and get comprehensive advice from the employees. The exam is held orally in German and lasts 15 minutes. The courses can be completed in different port cities such as Porec, Pula or Opatija near Rijeka. Participants should make sure that the boat school is a registered company.

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