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Well saved: five smart improvisations on board


How to build smart solutions from everyday objects on board in next to no time.

It is said that you are never more than two moments away from a situation in which you have to get out of the affair with improvisation. But the art of making useful gadgets out of everyday objects on board has yet to prevail. For all those who have not had this topic on their radar before, we have worked out a few suggestions that could help to get the boat trip better organized and at the same time to make it a little more entertaining.

Cork as a swimming aid for sun glasses

Let’s be honest: how many sunglasses have you sunk? Possibly expensive goods with photochromic and polarizing glasses that you bought for a lot of money? If only there had been an old wine cork! So that this never happens to you, we recommend the following solution: Drill a small hole in an old bottle cork, through which you simply pull the safety cord of your glasses, which is fixed at the ends of the temples. And your Ray Bans, Oakleys or Maui Jims are already swimming. If you prefer it colorful, you can paint the cork in your favorite color, for example with nail polish, because that makes the search easier.
Bonus tip: If you need a swimmer quickly when fishing, you can adapt the cork recipe. Drill the same vertical hole through a bottle cork and stick a wooden stirrer through it, as you can find in all cafes and fix the whole thing with a few drops of all-purpose glue.

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Roll of adhesive tape as a cup holder

After a long day on the water, the crew thirsts for refreshment. Regardless of whether it is served ice cold or scalding warm, it needs to be insulated. More recent boats already have these practical accessories built in, but what if you are cruising around in an older model or have more guests on board than cup holders? The answer, as is so often the case in the life of a boat enthusiast, is provided by the familiar duct tape. There should always be plenty of it on board, at least one or two roles that you can either stick on the table, on deck or on the side of the cockpit wall. And you have a simple and effective device that holds glasses, mugs or cups in place.


Speaker mug

Just imagine: beautiful day by the water, warm sun, cold drinks and cool tunes, everything relaxed. But then Bluetooth stops working. Or the loudspeakers give up the ghost. Or you accidentally don’t have the small cockpit boombox for your phone with you. End it party? Not a trace! Just take an empty mug or glass and plug the phone in with the speakers down and turn up the volume. Then click play. You will be amazed at how good an empty vessel can be as an amplifier.

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Non-slip pad made from a wet towel

Who doesn’t know the little tricks on board that affect beverage cooling, such as B. the fastening of a cool box with rubber stoppers. But what if there are no strop at hand? Very easily! Put a very damp to wet towel under the cool box and the slide is over immediately.


Swimming trunks

The anchor has dropped, the engine is silent and the water beckons. Without water toys, the cool water can soon become a monotonous affair. But a brilliant move can change that very quickly. Every boat has life jackets on board. If there are a couple of solid vests with you, put them on by sticking your feet through the armholes for fun and not your hands. In no time at all, the life jacket turns into swimming trunks, or actually: a water chair. (Please do not do this during regular boat operations).

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